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X8 parts needed

Grounded :-(
Just came back from flying! When it landed I noticed it was missing the left winglet. Anyone have one or know where I can get the winglet part. Or is there any other plane that might have the similar part?
Thx, Brian

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X8 Thust Angle?

Hi all,


I have reworked the motor mount on my X8 by adding vibration damping and an extra wooden plate on the inside of the styrofoam firewall for robustness.

After doing all this, I noticed that the thrust line of the motor is pointing down (the forw

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X-8 In the post...

Hi All,

I joined this group a couple months back when I was trying to decide whether or not I should get an X-8. Thanks to all the discussions I have done just that. This is where again I need your help.

First of all I live in South Africa, I bought my

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My X8, still no success.

My X8.

I'm at my wits end!! Any help will be VERY MUCH appreciated.

Things I have changed  and tested after each change with no results:

1) Level the APM to the center line of X8, re did all "Initial Setup" in MP
2) remove the end point on travel, wa

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My X8

I had my first maiden X8 flight the other day. It flew great off the bungee launcher and in Manual Mode, straight and level. But when I witched to FBWA, it headed down at a downward angle, Had to put it in Manual MODE to recover. I had it a Bixler 2

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X-8 Leveling Reference Point

As of the more recent versions of ArduPlane, the firmware no longer does an automatic level on startup.  Instead, that has become one of the initial startup steps when installing it in a new plane.

In the past, I have glued a bubble sight onto the rea

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