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Wing reinforcement & servos

Just doing some research before I commence my build and was wondering what the general opinion of the forum is on a some points.

1. I've read that the standard CF wing connection tubes can break and the wing can flex if it is heavily loaded or flown i

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List of proven setups

I set up a page on my personal website where I started to collect proven X8-setups to make it easier for new X8'ers. The idea started out in the X8 thread at

If you'd like to see your setup there, you can email it to x8-setup aincircle g

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Hobbyking's X8

Hello X8ers,

I've been mostly focusing on Quads with a slight itch to try out an actual drone.  This is where the X8 would come in.  

I noticed HobbyKing has an X8 in stock and was wondering if anyone has ordered it?  Is it the real X8? or a perfect cl

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Flush mount washer

This mod is to protect the wing over time when taking the wings on and off.
3690965662?profile=originalWe had to build a guide for the cutting tube, as seen below.



3690965677?profile=originalThe bottom washer has the blind nut on it. Didn't take a picture of it. If you really need to see it, I will take a

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Glue Question?

Just wondering what the rest of the X8 builders are using for glue when assembling your X8?  Are most using stock China glue or something like Gorilla glue?


Any issues with using the stock glue?



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Spun in my X8

I spun in my X8 yesterday while in auto mode. I had just crossed a fix and the plane started a turn and snap, I was spinning. I tried full direction travel in all four corners, and with power a few times. Nothing seemed to stop it. It was only slight

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X8 Components

Good morning to all those x8ers out there.  I've had my X8 for a few months now and it is unfortunately still in the box.  I still need to order the motor, prop, and possibly batteries for it.  What are thosse out there who have it flying using for t

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