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APM 2 refuses to ARM

I've just installed a new and unused APM2 (not 2.5) into a steadiDrone Qu4d build, using a hobbywing quattro esc.

i'm using a jeti radio and RSat2 PPM receiver.

Set-up and configuration seemed very smooth with mission planner and i could configure ever

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DX8 Failsafe set-up

just wondered whether anyone can offer advice on setting up a DX8 failsafe with an arducopter - ie: what should happen in the event of signal loss and how to set that up on the radio.


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Sonar help, again

i've been having on-going issues with my sonar and wonder whether anyone can help?

i've used the terminal sonar test and with the sonar connected i get a continuous 20cm reading, no matter what and without it connected i'm getting 700cm.

i was concerne

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2 quetsions - sonar and yaw

Hi Folks,

1. Is there a way to test the sonar in mission planner - i can't tell whether it's working or not

2. my yaw stick seems to be set correctly - right to arm - but the actual yaw motion of the quad seems to be reversed - the other channels are a

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APM setup problem

I've just tried to configure my APM/Oilpan with APM Planner 1.0.82


Updated firmware ok, rebooted ok


Connected up again and clicked the APM Setup button.


Reset APM to default


Clicked the radio input button, nothing happening on screen when i move the

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Transmitter / config issues

At one point in time i was getting somewhere with my arducopter but the wheels seem to have fallen off big style recently and i'm now experiencing real problems and would appreciate some tips…


main issue at the moment it getting the configurator to r

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Spektrum DX8 and AR8000 receiver

Just wondered whether anyone has notes of wisdom when trying to use the AR8000 receiver with the APM/OilPan?


I've been able to get communications using my DX8 and an AR6200, but when i tried to use the AR8000 (with the intention of using getting 8 ch

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Motors running continuously… :-(

Seem to have encountered a problem which i can't figure out or fix.


I've just loaded the latest arducopter code to my APM/OilPan and as soon as it's loaded and whenever i connect the main pack the motors chime and then start running continuously.



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Just checking - motor behaviour

Just been configuring my arducopter and wanted to double check motor behaviour before i try for a first flight.


Once armed, all four motors spin up when i increase throttle. 

With the 'copter sitting on the floor, i keep the throttle setting where it

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xbee - definitive set-up

Just wondered whether anyone can recommend a definitive xbee set-up (modules and adaptors) - one which is know to work with as little fuss as possible?

Could anyone also tell me what config files i should be using?

I've just spent a frustrating 3 eveni

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X or + configuration

Hi all,Just wondering whether there's any particular advantage (with the arducopter software for example) for using a '+' configuration over an 'x' or vice versa; or is it just personal preference?

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ArduPilot Connections

Would someone be kind enough to have a look at my connection diagram below and let me know whether my assumptions for connecting power to the APM board are correct and maybe assist me with a connection location for a pan and tilt servo?

I've omitted t

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DX7 set-up for ArduCopter

Now have a DX7 radio sitting here and have a few very basic questions with regard to 'it' and the ArduCopter project - i've read through a huge amount of arducopter related info and not seen anything which answers the following, so if anyone can help

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PCB Mount hole dimensions

Does anyone happen to have a diagram showing (or know) the position of the three mount holes in the ArduPilot Mega - i'm looking to have a mount plate cut for my arducopter project and would rather have accurate reference for the PCB mount holes…

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Prop recommendation

I placed my motor order yesterday, based on the ones used in this project4x #T1811-2000/8613 Turnigy 1811 Brushless Motor 2000kv variationsCould anyone recommend suitable propellors for these motors in arduCopter project?urls would be helpful too.man

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