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V-Shaped Hexacopter

Hello everyone,
I want to manufacture a frame for a V-shaped hexacopter, to be used in industrial inspection functions with two cameras.
Can you tell me if it is possible to configure arducopter 3.5 for a hexa V frame?

I have read information from old p

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Mission Planner Georeference errors

Can one of the Dev's of Mission Planner please have a look at this error.

After the release of Mission Planner, I can't Georeference my photos anymore.

I've followed the workflow a couple of times previous to the release and it worked without

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Quadcopter nose dive on first flight

Hello everyone,

A couple of minutes ago I tried to fly my quadcopter for the first time. Unfortunately it ended in a nose dive before even taking off. Something I noticed was that when I raised my throttle by a tiny bit (from fully down position), the

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i need quad copter design and specification ( hardware ) and differnet detail i need quadcoptre fly 30 min and tale off weight will be 250g to 30kgs i will pay how can help me for all this project or make my this project  talk to me in deati lon what

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