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GPS Loiter holding issues

Im having trouble with getting the my quadcopter in loiter to keep its position.  It seems like its loosing the signal, but my gcs says the GpsHDOP is at .8 and there are at least 10 sats.  it will hold for a few minutes then suddenly takes off in a

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how to recover apm burned?

hello to all, yesterday(like typed in the thread before) i burned out my apm 2.6. I checked inside case and i find the smd diode burned, so i replaced with a little wire. 
The fuse looks good and i can mesure 5.2 V between gnd and fuse.

Now the apm, wh

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Over current and fried ESC

Running an APM mini 3.1 with the stable release 3.2 firmware. 
I had a series of events leading to this investigation. I performed an auto land with a 550 class drone. 15" CF props and 30a generic SimonK ESC's. The auto land went pretty well and settl

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