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Now We have a DONATE button :)

A few weeks ago I open instructions again for my new build and I found that a discrete DONATE button appears without any announces so, if someone that want to contribute with developers but is not reading instructions, now the button is there :) ; pe

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Coax 8X quad

Is there any reason why one cannot add four pushers to a quad using just four escs to control all the motors?

I know that there would be no redundancy with that configuration, but there is an advantage related to lifting capacity...Anybody any experie

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APM Mini v3.1 AutoMode and RTL issue

Hi Guys,

I'm relatively new in the APM world so I would appreciate any help or advice.

Recently i upgraded my CX20 with APM MINI V.31 and Ublox M7 (GPS/Compas).

With all modes everything  was good until a few days ago when I discovered that the AutoMode

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