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Heavilift motor hesitation - advise please !


I am looking for the right choice for 8 motors for an heavylift Octo.

The frame is carboncore Octo 100cm, with megaradius gimbal.

Total weight predicted - about 7kg, maybe up to 9kg with payload and extra batteries.

I need some advice choosing the ri

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Telemetry with Android phone ?

I'd like to use and Android phone for displaying the telemetry data,

just like mission planner with the XBEE.

is it possible ? how ?

i just need to view the map, altitude, etc... no need for 2 way controls etc...

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OCTA-V vs traditional OCTA for AP


I need advice on what airframe to choose for Aerial photography Octa.

It will be carrying about 2.5-3.5 KG payload of gear

What are your inputs on OCTA-V versus traditional OCTA (spider shape) ?

I haven't seen many OCTA-V projects, but one is impress

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importance of IMU alignment

I wonder what's the importance of making sure the APM/IMU is dead center the airframe.


no questions about it should be at the correct 'yaw' (ie. facing the front motor)

and being parallel to the arms and not tilted.


but at the X,Y plane must it be at

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HEXA's owners, please advise

I am desperately trying to figure out good PIDs.

will appreciate owners of HEXA's share their PID and hardware setup !


I have an HEXA X frame, with 75cm between opposite motors,

using the 2836 880kv motors (orange) and 12" composite props.

latest AC2



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can't disarm+ LED bug ?

on AC 2.0.23


the apm boot up and after calibration the green LED is steady on (meaning it's armed)

but actually it is not armed, throttle doesnt work.


when i arm, the LED stays solid on, then the throttle works.


when i disarm (even 10 sec long!)

the gr

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battery voltage display


i have an 4 cells connected to the voltage dividers etc...


in setup, i wrote "battery 2" which confirmed me "4 cells".


in TEST mode, when i type "battery" it says  "not enabled"

when i type "current" it seems to work:


  • but how do i monitor each of t

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Wireless USB - long range

I need to connect a USB device to a PC host, with long range (200-500m LOS)

found the "cables unlimited" thing, and other solutions from Belkin, but they are just 10m range.
i've found USB over wifi - which could be good - only thing i CANT use 2.4g

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any altitude data from the Telemetry port ?


I'm not using Xbees for telemetry,


but i'm thinking of transmitting the altitude data to ground using my own transmitter and microprocessor.


is the telemetry port spitting out altitude data ?

at what form ? or what qualifiers can i use to 'catch' t

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