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New Quadracopter Parts For Sale

Update - Most items sold.  Closing this listing.

Hello.  I am in the process of moving and am trying to parse down my  inventory of supplies.  I have the following items below all new and never used.  Please let me know if interested in anything or al

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X8 from BevRC

Good evening out there all X8ers.  I had bought an X8 from BevRC back in 2012 and have never got around to setting it up or doing anything with it.  I'm in the process of getting ready to move across the country right now and I have a brand new X8 in

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X8 Components

Good morning to all those x8ers out there.  I've had my X8 for a few months now and it is unfortunately still in the box.  I still need to order the motor, prop, and possibly batteries for it.  What are thosse out there who have it flying using for t

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ArduPilot Mega RC Output 1

So IK have determined after a days worth of testing that the RC output on my AP Mega is not working.  I have double and triple checked the soldering and connections and all looks fine.  I cannot figure out what else to do or check.  I suppose my ques

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QuadraCopter ESC question

So I finally put my ArduCopter together and started the programming and got to the point of arming the ESC's.  I went through them all and then checked to see if they were all in sync and one was not running.  After hours of testing I finally checked

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Airspeed Issue

HAs anyone had issues with the airspeed sensor using ArduPilot with the shield?  I have set the proper millivolts in the code but it doesn't seem to work right.  After loading the code and looking at the GCS at a standstill the airspeed is 0....great

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2.7.1 BATTERY_EVENT code problem?

I've obtained the proper millivolts from my regulator and GCS is reporting a full battery (even when plugging in a drained one).  When I connect everything up my battery always reports full regardless of it's real value.  I tried adding a divisor of

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EasyStar Hardware Setup Location

I have an EasyStar with ArduPilot and ArduIMU.  I've tried multiple configurations of the hardware in the EasyStar and cannot find a suitable location for everything.  How does everybody have their equipment setup in the EasyStar including the batter

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ArduIMU Up Side Down

Can ArduIMU be mounted up side down?  I haven't read anything indicating that it can or cannot.  I know the GPS plug needs to be toward the front but what about up side down.  I was thinking of mounting it on the bottom of my canopy on the EZ Star .


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Thermopile Setup Gone Bad?

Just wanted to see if anyone out there had a ArduPilot/thermopile setup go bad?  Mine was working fine and had about a dozen successful flights under its belt.  No crash landings or anything severe happening to the plane.  The next flight on startup

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arduIMU better than Thermopiles?

I wanted to get peoples opinions on this.  Last week, before my ArduPilot/thermopile setup went wacky on me (servos were going crazy for no reason) I was somewhat impressed by how the thermopiles kept my airframe on a good heading and at somewhat con

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UBLOX Configuration

Hello. I am currently trying to configure my UBLOX for use with ArduPilot and cannot figure out what exactly is the problem.  I found the instructions for configuring UBLOX but cannot seem to get data sent from the GPS unit.  The reason I need to do

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