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40 year old, Glassjet operator. Into Hang gliding, and motorcycle racing. I love gadgets, laser engraving, CNC milling, 3D printing and making stickers on the side to pay for them. www.wizeartz.com

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After our recent earthquake I felt a real need for an intelligent, safe way to get into dangerous areas a take footage, assess damage etc. perhaps even save lives by searching for trapped survivors without risking collapses by SAR staff clambering on unsteady rubble. I also want to use my coming Arducopter for aerial videography of Hang gliding to get a unique view point.


christchurch, new zealand

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Owen Booth replied to Owen Booth's discussion Evolving the perfect, foldable, FPV quad copter
"Hi Elios. I'm sorry to report that due to lack of interest from the community, I've elected to not pursue this any further. There are several vendors offering foldable designs now, and I wish you the best of luck.
best regards,
Jul 20, 2014
Owen Booth commented on Owen Booth's blog post WizeArtz RiotQuad prototype ready for testing
"Thanks Gary, yeah the RiotQuad is inspired by the Flip, Tim makes some amazing stuff, and the HT-FPV is still my favourite frame of all time. I've been sticking with the low-profile concept since, then wind doesn't cause problems, and is in fact fun…"
Nov 24, 2013
Owen Booth posted a blog post
After spending hundreds of hours building and testing the WizeArtz Hero, foldable quadcopter, I decided to take some time out and sink some R&D into something lean, mean, and a lot simpler.The RiotQuad is born.Motor to motor 380mm, and boasting an…
Nov 23, 2013
Owen Booth posted a discussion
Hi all. Trying to tune in my APM 2.0 with V3 firmware for Alt Hold for a customer on my custom, folding, 400-size quadcopter. She oscillates (vertically), then gently starts dropping until it lands.I've tried some of the tuning tips, and reduced the…
Aug 10, 2013
Owen Booth replied to Owen Booth's discussion Evolving the perfect, foldable, FPV quad copter
"Wizeartz is now up and running, and work on Version 6 is stalled whilst I try to tune in Alt Hold on the Version 4 I sold to a customer. Bloody things oscillates, losing alt, and eventually lands. Any hints folks?"
Aug 10, 2013
Owen Booth commented on Marco Robustini's blog post ArduCopter 2.9.2ß: position hold near "DJI Wookong-M" performance!
"Surely, those that are serious about getting the best performance would be more inclined to get the recommended U-blox GPS unit? Why waste further time and effort trying to get the MTK to work better, isn't it the equivalent to polishing a turd?…"
Apr 21, 2013
Owen Booth replied to Owen Booth's discussion Evolving the perfect, foldable, FPV quad copter
Apr 21, 2013
Owen Booth posted photos
Apr 18, 2013
Owen Booth replied to Ivan Popovic's discussion Been doing a lot of google and searching this site. foldable quads
"Hi Ivan,
Hoverthings are working on a foldable H-frame version, Droidworx have a professional grade foldable available now, and I'm working on my own for the same reason. Check out My Project
Owen  "
Apr 16, 2013
Owen Booth posted a discussion
Hey community!I've been flying my Hoverthings HT-FPV successfully for the last 6 months and having a ball.I've however been saving up my pennies and purchased a 3D printer, and a CNC router unit to join my trusty old Laser engraver. I've bought…
Apr 15, 2013
Owen Booth commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post New GPS devices for ArduCopter/ArduPlane/ArduRover use
"I seriously wandered away to give openpilot a go, after having real trouble tuning the APM 2.0 to perform as well. I just wanted a sharp, responsive FC that worked out of the box regardless of aircraft specs. I wasn't disappointed, and still have it…"
Apr 5, 2013
Owen Booth commented on Erman Ozen's blog post Brushless Gimbal for my build.
"Yeah, I'm holding out for Alex's excellent gimbal. I counting on it for my new, 350 size FPV quad, with foldable arms. Rather than underslung though, I'll adapt it to mount out front. Bring it on Jani, I'm keen!"
Mar 27, 2013
Owen Booth left a comment for Mohd Hanif Mohd Ramli
"Thank you Mohd. To be honest, I got RTL to land successfully, but it bounces around on the deck for ages. I've actually just removed all APM gear and replaced it with the new Openpilot CC3D. I'll come back to APM though, just figure it won't hurt to…"
Oct 21, 2012
Owen Booth left a comment for Owen Booth
Sep 23, 2012
Owen Booth commented on Grips's blog post MinimOSD Setup Video
"@Mohd. Yeah, I didn't want to outlay another US$60 for a fix for something I believed should've worked fine at the outset. I just use one UBEC from hobbyking, Sorry can't find the link, but from memory it waas 5A, hobbyking brand, took 2s-6s and…"
Sep 22, 2012
Owen Booth commented on Grips's blog post MinimOSD Setup Video
"@Mohd. Thanks mate, yeah good question. I found the GPS wouldn't get a lock running off the ESC. It needed a little extra power, now I get up to 12 sats easy, and within minutes."
Sep 21, 2012