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Pixhawk & Analog Airspeed sensor


I'm helping someone install an analog airspeed sensor with the pixhawk, the wiki says:
The “airspeed” pin 15 is located on a 3 pin DF13 connector on the Pixhawk board.
This pin can take voltages up to 6.6V (it has an internal voltage divider).


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APM 2.6 - AP3.2.3 - Spiral of death in FBWA

Hi Everyone,

Very weird crash today. I have 12-15 flights all flawless before this incident. When it occurred I immediately thought I lost a servo - but upon inspection both servos were fine. Watching the video (below), I did not input the left roll

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AC 3.2 + EKF & Flying indoors

Hi Everyone!

I've been tasked with shooting some video indoors. Through the 3.2 beta thread I remember there being a few mentions that GPS data is used when EKF is enabled even when not in GPS modes.

I would really appreciate some input, clarification

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3DR power module - incorrect current readings


APM 2.6 + external compass & GPS
3DR power module
Mission Planner 1.2.95 build 1.1.5150.11972
Plane 2.78b

I'm having a strange issue with my current sensor, hoping someone can help. When the plane is sitting idle, it is reporting 88 amps; her

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Problem with stabilize


I am new to APM:Plane and appreciate any help I can get. I was able to maiden my flying wing today with success in manual mode (woohoo!). A few subtrim/ trims were made on my remote to keep it flying straight.

When i tried to switch to stabilize

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APM 2.6 mount orientation change

Hi All,

I've been building APM driven multirotors for a bit and this is my first try with an APM based plane, looking for a little help. 

Due to the tight space on my frame, it would really help if i could mount the APM as pictured below:


After research

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Is my CG terribly off?

Hi all - recently build a quad and have been testing it the last few days.


Yesterday when I came to land I noticed the copter was leaning forward a lot - so much I had to pull back the stick to level and land nicely (otherwise it would of crashed on i

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