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Tricopter PID tuning help

Hi all,

can somebody advice me PID values for my tricopter? It is build like this, 40cm arms.

I'm using standard APM 1.4 + OilpanV1+HMC5883, MTK16.

When in navi modes (RTL or AUTO) forward movement is too slow - around 0.5m/s. When weak wind blows again

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Navigation not working on tricopter

Hi all,

i have big problem with navigation modes. Here is my setup:

APM 1280,

Oilpan v2,


GPS mtk16,

sw version 2.0.39b.

tricopter configured to X orientation

When i run test on compass and gps in

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How to reverse yaw control on Tri-copter

I have serious problem how to configure my tricopter (2.0.39). Roll and pitch are correct. Yaw(rudder aka tail servo) was incorect thus i reversed RC channel via MAVlnk (btw i don't understand why dip switches are not enabled anymore in ACM...)

Now th

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Mediatek 3329 with NMEA not binary

I need firmware for Mediatek 3329 that supports NMEA protocol. Now i just have with FW that supports bin protocol (ver. 2386, 1.6) but want it use in another application and need to make it communicate with NMEA. is it possible to set up somehow nowa

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APM Planner - does it use absolute alt?

Please help me with APM planner.

I have APM with 2.012 fw + magnetometer installed. In mission planner (0.4.19) had set 8 WPs with default alt set to 100m.

First interresting point here is - I can't let home location alt set to 0, there is still nag me

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APM problem - home lost after time.

I need help.

today I flew my plane with APM (1.02) + MTK16 GPS. On the ground home lock went ok. In the air stabilization mode worked perfect, then switched to RTL, this workedperfect too - from 300m away returned and hanged around me. Then switched t

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Mission planner problem

When i start mision planner (0.4.16), setup config.h and load planner window, set the home position after clicking on google map area (to add first WP) i got this exception:

3690861233?profile=originalMy system is Win7, but the same exception i get on WinXP on other machine.


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How to log barometric sensor data


is there a way to modify log.pde code to log not only gps/barometric alt value but also clear barometric data? I checked the code a little bit and there should be modified at least two functions:

Log_Write_GPS() and according to this also Log_Re

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APM and radio setup

Hi folks,

i often upload modified APM software via Arduino. The question is: is it alwasy need to do radio setup (calibrating, modes setup) after the APM software is uploaded?

I'm going to be tired still to do the same action... Isn't  that so that the

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APM development under Eclipse


i would like to ask if somebody here knows how to setup all that environment settings in eclipse (helios)

to get the APM project at least compileable.

I tried to do something in arduino, but it is so simple that even the line numbers can't be visibl

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How to log another flight data


i'm new in Arduino code so i would like to ask if someone know where (in which source file) i can find the code where are GPS data loggedinto 16MB storage on Ardushield.

I want to log also another data from sensors (temperature, presure, servo p

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