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Resistor for voltage divider

Does it mean if I have 3s battery that I need to put in only three resistors?

If I solder in all four supplied resistors, will it not affect the voltage reading of the APM?

Thanks for any insights :)

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Minimosd power supply

I got a minimosd and the instruction found at the wiki shows the use of an independent battery to power both the camera and video/audio transmitter.

Question: Can I use the main battery powering the arducopter to provide juice to the camera and transm

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minimOSD wiring

I want to use a camera which is 5v as my eye in the sky. This camera will be hooked up to a MINIMOSD and then the video signal will be transmitted using a 9v video transmitter.The instruction for the MINIMOSD indicated the video camera and transmitte

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fried esc

Note: part of this post been posted earlier ...


Images below shows opened esc with a couple of ic's fried. Any idea/s on what could have happened? Replacement esc not coming until weeks :( but any ideas on what could have happened will help in preven

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880kv esc battery C combination

I have the 880kv arducopter motors, an rctimer esc (30C I think) and a 8000mah 30C battery. Prior to upgrading the battery (from 2 2650mah), my quad was flying ok. Even when I used the new battery everything was ok. Then one day, arming the copter an

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Altitude hold implementation & fail safe 101 ...



I have my arducopter modes set to the following:


3 way selector         gear         mode

           0                    1           stabilize

                                 2           stabilize

           1                    1           alt ho

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datalogging info how to to ...



I enabled all the available parameters that can be logged with the arducopter. These parameters are the following:

logs enabled: 













Browsing the downloaded log, I see there's 12 data co

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placement consideration for A/V transmitter

The IMU contains sensors on the surface. I am right now deciding to put the 5.8Ghz transmitter in between the space occupied by the GPS receiver and the IMU.


Question: Will the heat generated by the A/V transmitter affect the performance of the GPS a

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v20 works but v48 does not?

I just downloaded v 48 of mission planner and tried communicating with my arducopter with the switch in flying position. I got an error as shown in the attached image.


One of the possible reasons indicated for the error is the copter trying to get gp

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compiling 2.38 in arduino error



I'm trying to add/change a portion of the 2.38 code so downloaded the 2.38 and opened it in arduino 0022. Before making any changes, I just loaded the arducoptermega.pde code and have arduino compiled it as is. A lot of error codes showed up in t

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HELP verify

soldered the battery monitor resistors on the IMU shield. Soldering skill not so good. Using continuity test on multimeter, the 4 terminal pads away from the pins seem to share a common connection whereas the soldering pads row near the pins are not.

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Arm length for 880kv ... archiving



I've gone over the forum looking for a summary of aluminum arm length (i.e., motor to motor length) folks using the 880kv motors are having but can't seem to find one.


Will appreciate any sharing on the 880kv motor to motor length of the ardu fra

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esc calibration thru APMPlanner HELP



After a long wait, my APM+IMU finally arrived (took a snail mail pace after Chris A delivered it through rabbit express ... thanks Chris). Successfully loaded the 2.33, calibrated my radio and the accels through APMPlanner.


Now its time to calibr

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yet another motor arming frustration

I am trying to arm my motors using the standard left stick (throttle) move to the bottom and right. Nothing happens.


Configured arducopter using CLI running on a winxp machine.


Calibrated the esc without problem. Transmitter is communicating properly

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