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Set RPM for throttle?

Hi is there any chance to directly set the Motor RPM from within Pixhawk? 

I am thinking about building a boat and not set the throttle, but direktly the desired RPM of the prop!

Any idea on that? - Is that possible?


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APM on boat

Hello guys im newbie here, i use APM 2.5 for boat i use 1 brushless and servo to control the boat. 
My question where am i put the servo ? it is in  analog pin or output pin ? 


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ArduBoat Sail

hi all,

I decided my next project would be a sail boat, after many done builds and crashes.

While the pixhawk is great the board is overkill for my boat project, I'm going to

use a low power AMP2.6 board, I want to point this boat out to sea, when its g

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waving problem

Hi every one
I instilled APM 2.5 with rover frimware in may boat with hydraulic steering system
I used tow 12v DC motors for controlling the hydraulic steering pump and throttle with dc controller
circuit with variable resistance to make the DC moto

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Lights, Joystick mapping

Hi everyone,
I am trying to use the buttons on my joystick to operate Lights and smoke on my rover/boat. I can use the extra channels to operate the lights etc via the X & Y axis on the Joystick but that leaves me on channel short. I have 7 extra but

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how to modify the default ch3 pwm out?

I am building  a boat with ardurover 2.5 and bidirectional ESC. When i power on Pixhawk first , motor will run at high speed before powering RC. i have check the log file and found there is low pwm output with 1000 and think these is the problem. whe

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