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PID settings or trimming?

Hi I have Multirotor PID problems with tendencies to roll one way, pitch or even steer off coarse such as when trying to hold a straight course and it tends to go slightly off course.I have had these problems with a few craft but I don't really know

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H-Quad spinning (yaw) on back left motor

Hi I've been building this H quad for a couple months now because of problems Withi wobbling so I figuered it was a bad esc and changed them all out. Since then I have had a number of unusual problems start effecting the quad. I messed around with th

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RFD900 USB chip FTDI basic for G/S

I bought the RFD900 pair and strangely the USB cable comes with a small chip connection plug on the end which I've not seen in any documentation. So I'm having trouble finding the proper way of connecting it. Could someone enlighten me? Is this a new

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