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Autonomous Flying Wing

I have flown APM since 2012 in my Quads/Hexs
I want to get a flying wing that I can use the Pixhawk with.

I want it to be able to take off in a park sized field, fly way points and auto land. (basic recon)

I assume we are at that point with arduplane b

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Airspeed calibration

Hi all,

I have done de Auto calibration for the airspeed sensor on a Skywalker and the resulting value for the Ratio was 4.

I read the normal value should be between 1.5 and 3. Do you think i would have problems with that Ratio value?


I did the calibrat

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GPs locking problem

Good evening,I have just bought a apm unit with external Ublox gps unit and external power module,This is being fitted to a Hobby King Bixler 2 PlaneI have done all the Inital setups and calibration as per instructions using the new version apm2 soft

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External Ubec?

Hi all, 

I.m buildin a Skywalker with APM 2.6 + GPS, and I have a Hobbywing Flyfun 60a Esc with built-in bec (3A-5V). In the specifications says that it can manage up to 5 servos.

I will have 4 servos on the plane, but in some forums it is recommended

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